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AI in the Wild podcast helps professionals to implement AI into their organizations

Through focused interviews with founders, investors, and corporate executives, we distill complex AI technology down to basic business solutions.

This podcast supports and expands on NYCai’s mission to inspire, educate, and grow NYC’s AI community of startups and enterprises.

We sit down with Jake Mendel, an entrepreneur-turned-banker working with Silicon Valley Bank’s Early-Stage Practice. We get into all things startups and specifically focus on how Digital Healthcare and the introduction of AI have affected the healthcare industry and patient care.

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We sit down with Justin Stewart the Co-Founder & CEO of to learn how his company is reinventing the business of beauty, in a social-first world. By transforming comments on social content across platforms, into predictive purchase intent for product SKUs, they give brands and retailers real and live, insight into what their customers want at any given time.

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We sit down with the team from Bowtie to learn how their Conversational A.I platform ensures businesses never miss a customer! By building a powerful AI receptionist and putting a premium on design, the team has enabled hundreds of retail companies to manage customer inquiries, bookings, and payments more efficiently, increasing ROI and improving the customer experience.

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