Igor Jablokov

Igor is founder and CEO of Pryon, a stealth startup in the field of artificial intelligence. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Yap, a pioneer in cloud-based speech recognition. Its platform was widely deployed by dozens of carrier and enterprise customers and was a finalist at the first TechCrunch Disrupt conference. The Company was Amazon’s first AI acquisition and acted as the nucleus of products such as Alexa, Echo, and Fire TV. As an IBM Program Director, Igor led the team that developed the world’s first speech-enabled Web browser, while also designing the precursor to Watson. With over two dozen patents issued and pending, he was named an industry luminary by Speech Technology Magazine and an outstanding engineering alumnus of his alma mater. Igor holds a BS in Computer Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from The University of North Carolina.


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Talk About Speech

Igor led the development and deployment of numerous speech technologies and the underlying infrastructure to support them.

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Yap into the future

Igor, along with his brother Victor, founder Yap in 2006, paving the way for voice interfaces to become commonplace on your your phone and in your house

Item No. 02

TechCrunch 40

Yap, the company acquired by Amazon, was the finalist in the very first TechCrunch Disrupt, or TechCrunch 40.

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Igor’s inspiration of Yap came from seeing his sister texting in 2006. To Igor, the natural progression of texting was doing so while driving and thus came the desire to prevent what has become a tragedy of technology lag.