AI Product Manager Training

A one-day course for industry professionals with a desire to learn the in-demand skills required to scope, deploy, and manage cutting-edge AI products.

Product management overview

Project scoping and value creation
an AI
Managing post-launch AI products


Module 1
What is a product
Module 2
Defining roadmap
and KPI’
Module 3
How to build
an MVP
Module 4
AI/ML Basics
Module 5
Case study in
AI deployment
Module 6
Building you AI
product team
Module 7
Module 8
Building an AI suite
of products
Module 9
Module 10
Build a model
for RO
Module 11
User and market
Module 12
Build/acquire a
training dataset

Validate your Results

Work with a team of AI/ML experts to develop a product road map and KPIs to measure the success of the developed and deployed solution.

Conceptualizing an AI Product

Conceptualizing an AI product, end to end, from scoping to deploying and performing analytics on the final result.

Understand AI

Learn how AI applies to businesses large and small and how you can gain a technical and business lens to applying the technology to real-world problems.

Apply AI

Put your newly acquired skills to work by creating a minimum viable AI product MV(AI)P, one that solves an internal business challenge your company faces or a current market opportunity.

Does this plan include…?

– Full day of training taught by industry practitioners and researchers from leading NYC institutions

– Certificate of completion

– Follow on community support

– Lunch/Coffee during session

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